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#3 add stamp button
#4 stop stamp button
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#6 stamps placement rotate
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Help Page

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Our state-of-the-art Online Jewelry Editor is the latest and greatest online jewelry creator in the industry!  As with any industry-leading product, there may be some features that you find confusing or not intuitive.  Below, we have tried to anticipate some of the questions you may have when using our Jewelry Editor.  If you come up with questions that are not covered here, or would like further explanation, we invite you to Contact Us and submit your question.  We will follow up with additional instructions as soon as we receive your inquiry. 

Many of the designs in your Inspiration Gallery feature Diamond shaped stamping blanks, but I am unable to locate the Diamond shape in the Jewelry Editor under Stamping Blanks.  Can you help me?

How do I add my letters and symbols onto the Stamping Blanks?

Once I have placed my fonts and/or symbols onto the Stamping Blanks, I find I need to re-arrange them to make everything fit and look nice.  How do I move the things once I have "stamped" them onto the blanks?

When I place my Stamping blanks on the canvas, the larger silver round is almost covering up the smaller copper.  How can I re-arrange my placement? 

Rotate Button:

Nudge Button:

Opacity Toggle Button:

When I try to move the larger silver stamping round under the smaller copper stamping round, it keeps putting the silver on top of the copper and covering it up?  How can I fix this?

Where's the SAVE MY DESIGN button??

There are two different alternatives when your work gets interrupted:

  1. Under the details column on the left-hand column, there are two buttons.  One is a chain - designating "link".  If you click on this button, a box will pop up with the link to your design.  Copy and paste this link onto your clipboard and save it for later.  Then, when you are ready to return to your design, simply copy that saved link into your browser, and your design will load back onto the design pallet.  (see illustration #13)
  2. The second button in the left-hand column is a "Buy" button.  If you click on the "buy" button, you will be directed to create a user-name and password, or to sign into your existing Lisa Nelson Designs account.  After signing in, your design will appear in your shopping cart.  It will be saved there, safely, until you sign back in and select "edit" to continue work on it.  You will not be charged for your design at this point, because you have not yet entered your credit card information or confirmed your purchase.  Your design will hang out there in your shopping cart until you return.